<span style="color:#EA1484">Erin Cole</span>,  ALL NEW ‘2022’ TRUNK SHOW! Main Image

Erin Cole, ALL NEW ‘2022’ TRUNK SHOW!


March 18 - 19


Erin Cole’s couture collection applauds the freedom of expression of the modern woman/bride of today. A woman who embodies the deepest love of her own inner beauty that is built on integrity, virtue, independence, vulnerability, and sophistication. The collection celebrates the inner fire of a woman and her desire to be naturally glamorous and sensuous.  A woman who is complex and has many layers and textures to her personality and individual style.  The Erin Cole Collection was created through a composition of sheer,  layered, natural fabrics, soft hues, whimsical lace, and intricate embroidery. Enjoy discounts and incentives, when you purchase ANY Erin Cole gown during this special event. For more information on Erin Cole, visit: https://www.erincole.com